Giveaways + Privacy Policy

Hi, everyone! I love doing giveaways whenever I can, mostly on Instagram, so just wanted to add a bit of fine print just to cover all bases. 

OFFICIAL RULES: 1) The odds of winning will vary for each specific giveaway, depending on how many prizes are up for grabs and how many individual and bonus entries are received. If anything, I err on the side of giving away too much—always one big grand prize, with occasional bonus prizes to runner-up winners. 2) When the drawing will take place, both date and time, will be specified in the original giveaway post. Announcements of winner(s) almost always takes place in a follow-up post, which can easily be found by scrolling my feed and/or checking the giveaway-specific hashtag. 3) Method of picking the winner(s): for each giveaway I do, I make a giant spreadsheet that lists out each individual entrant, using their social media handle as the main entry identifier. As bonus entries roll in, I log them on the spreadsheet in their corresponding columns. My spreadsheet keeps a running total of all entries, giving each entrant a range of numbers. When the giveaway window closes, I ask Siri to pick the winning number(s), using the total of all entries (including bonus entries) as the range. 4) If an account is set to private, or if entrant does not use the requested tags/hashtags laid out in each original post's specific rules, I might not see their bonus entry/entries, and therefore, cannot be held responsible if they are not logged on my spreadsheet. 5) Depending on whether a giveaway is listed as U.S. only or open internationally, I will ask Siri to choose a new number if the original winner(s) chosen fall outside of the specified territory. Likewise, if a giveaway is open internationally and there are numerous prizes given out, I will do my best to make sure there are actual international winners in the mix—international winners are not always guaranteed, though, as I am based in the U.S. and it stands to reason my following is weighted more heavily toward people who live in the U.S., meaning more entries from U.S.-based entrants than international ones (and, therefore, the odds of winning might increase for those based in the U.S.).  6) Purchasing won't increase the odds of winning; no purchase necessary; void where prohibited. 7) No giveaway of mine is officially endorsed or sponsored by Instagram. 8) Unless otherwise specified in original giveaway post, no other brand has officially endorsed or sponsored the giveaway—I choose prizes because I love them and think you will, too, and provide them to you at my own expense. 9) In order to deliver giveaway prizes as promised, I will usually need a mailing address from the winner(s); if a mailing address is not provided within 7 days of official announcement post, the winner forfeits the prize and another winner will be selected. If winner is under the age of 18, I trust they will secure parental/guardian permission before providing their mailing address; I cannot be held responsible if entrants under the age of 18 fail to abide by this rule, as my original post will urge all entrants to read the fine print when entering this giveaway. I will never use an address provided for any purposes other than mailing prizes out to the winner(s), and I will not share/distribute addresses with anyone else. 10) If an email address is provided for any reason, I will never add you to any newsletter mailing lists…not only because it's not right, but because it's very annoying to be on the receiving end of newsletters you never signed up for, ha! It's very easy to sign up on your own, though, if you're interested in receiving them—there's a sign-up form on my contact page. 10) My physical mailing address, if needed, is: K. Olson / P.O. Box 50263 / Denton, TX 76206